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Executive Committee 2015/16

Following an extended nomination period that closed on April 12, we are pleased to report that the Guild has a nominee for each position most critical in maintaining the Guild. We all agree that elections are a good thing. It happens that this year we have a single candidate for each role and thus all nominees will be acclaimed.

Past President Catherine Osborne
President Debra Rowland
Secretary Trish Denhoed
ProgrammeConvener Bree Zorel MC Amanda Bertoia Social ???
Treasurer Helen Harper
Registrar Vivian Goffart (also webmaster)
Communications Liaison Gilda Grossman
Volunteer Co-ordinator empty
Local Yarn Store Co-ordinator Cindy O’Malley

Kerry Fast will step down as Secretary but has volunteered her professional skills to edit Guild and Frolic materials for publication.

A hearty thanks to all.

Although the nomination period is closed, if you are interested in supporting one of the positions, or in volunteering for an unfilled position, you are invited to do so, now or in the future.

With a larger Executive next year, we will be able to structure and co-ordinate a variety of volunteer opportunities. With your input, we hope the Guild will be responsive to a variety of interests.