NOTE: This page is under development.
Due to current circumstances, meetings are virtual, and much of the content of this FAQ does not apply.


How much does an annual membership cost?
$50 annually

What is the membership period?
Annual Membership commences in September on the day of the 1st meeting.

What is included with membership?
more information about membership


Where are monthly meetings held?
Innis Town Hall
University of Toronto
2 Sussex Avenue at St. George Street


Venue information

General meetings are held at Innis Town Hall, inside Innis College of the University of Toronto.

Innis College is located at 2 Sussex Avenue, at St George St. There is a Pedestrian door off Sussex Avenue. There is an Automatic door off St George. Once inside the College, there are several Accessible entrances into Innis Town Hall, for seating both at the Back (powered double-doors along the North hallway) and the Front (stage doors adjacent to the Sussex Ave pedestrian door) of the Hall (see Plan).

Washrooms are available at the Southeast corner of the building (through the building’s lobby and down several stairs).
Barrier-free washrooms are available through the Café (to the Right/West of the Town Hall).

For everybody’s comfort, we ask that you refrain from using strongly scented fragrances or products.

Getting to Innis College
For current transit and parking information, see the Innis College website.

We recognize that, to fully enjoy our meetings, some people may require an assistant (a translator, for instance). We invite such assistant(s) to enter our meetings without paying a guest fee.

While we will make every attempt to accommodate your requirements, please recognize that we are a volunteer-operated organization. As such, we may not have the resources to fully comply with your request.

If you have any comments or questions regarding how we may be able to accommodate your needs, please feel free to contact us at info[at]torontoknittersguild.ca.


What is a typical agenda?
A typical meeting starts with Announcements of Guild or community happenings, followed by Show + Tell, a Raffle Prize draw, and then the main program. Typically, there is a Question and Answer period after the program, followed by a chance to meet the speaker, mingle and socialize, and a bit more shopping at the vendor table.

Can I make an announcement, or have something announced?
Inform the Master of Ceremonies of items you wish to have announced, so that the MC can make the announcement. Inclusion or refusal of the item will be at the discretion of the MC.

What if I arrive late?
Of course you are still welcome to join in, but please take a seat in as quiet and unobtrusive a way as possible so as not to disturb the meeting.

What if I have to leave early?
If intending to leave early, please take a seat near to the door so as to leave in as quiet and unobtrusive a way as possible. The same goes for unexpected situations that require unforeseen departure.

Are there guidelines to protect all members enjoyment of the meetings?
Yes, all meetings, events and workshops are governed by the Toronto Knitters Guild Rules of Conduct.
Members are asked to read and understand these rules. Members signal agreement to these terms when they purchase membership.

Are photos taken at Guild Meetings?
The Guild does have a photographer who takes photos at the meetings according to the Guild’s Camera Policy. If you prefer that your photo not be taken, please inform the photographer if approached.


Who can participate?
All members and guests can participate

How can I participate?
Sign up at the front of the hall before the meeting.

How long may I speak about my items?
About 2 – 3 minutes

What should we TELL about an item?
Identify the pattern and the yarn. What you liked and didn’t about the project. Did you learn something new? Do you have suggestions for someone else who might try the project?

How many items can each person show?
At the discretion of the MC, depending on the agenda for the meeting.

I would like more information about an item I saw in SHOW + TELL. Where can I find it?
Show and Tell items are featured on the website so that members can refer back to find patterns or yarns that were showcased.


How much do tickets cost?
$1 each or 3 for $2.

Who can participate?
All members and guests can participate in the prize draw.

How many prizes can be won at a meeting?

What does this activity support?
All proceeds are put towards TKG activities.


What is the Dollar Table?
Members leave items they no longer love on the table. For a donation of just $1 each, any of these items can be yours.

What items could I donate for the dollar table?
Anything related to knitting and related fibre arts such as yarn, patterns, knitting books, needles and hooks.

How do I donate for the table?
Bring in items and place them on the table in advance of the meeting.

Where do the monies go?
All proceeds go to support TKG activities.

What happens to items that no one claims?
These may be brought to the next Guild meeting.


Can I get help with a challenging projects?
At meetings Dr. Knit or another experienced knitter is on-site to offer assistance with your projects.