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Sponsor Spotlight Pick 5 – Myrtle Station Wool

Sponsor Spotlight Pick 5 – Myrtle Station Wool

This month, our featured sponsor for our Pick 5 series is Stephanie Grace of Myrtle Station Wool. Located in Myrtle Station, ON, Myrtle Station Wool is a family-run business that’s almost 50 years old. The shop was first located in Whitby and was started by Stephanie’s mother, one of several women in her family that have inspired her and her love of hand-knitting. Read on to learn more about Myrtle Station Wool.

Q1) Tell us about your shop’s history

My mother, Veronica Ferguson opened her downtown Whitby shop in 1976. She had retired from her accounting career in Toronto and had always been fascinated with machine knitting. She also had a deep and longstanding love of hand knitting through our Scottish ancestry. We sold and serviced all brands of machine for about 20 years. In 1996 she wanted to travel more so we moved the shop to Myrtle Station and continued to work together in support of hand knitters, until she passed in 2018.

Q2) What makes your business unique? Tell us something we won’t find anywhere else

Because of our Scottish knitting heritage and long experience of machine and hand knitting we shine at garment making. From the planning to the finish we offer outstanding support. Our shop has yarns grouped by weight or thickness for confidence in choosing a project by colour and fibre and budget.

Q3) How does your community contribute to your business?

Our relationship to community is a mutual one. I am a founding member of the local knitting guild as well as a visitor to the local library knit and chat. Marion and Linda from the local guild often volunteer to assist knitters with their work. I am also connected to the museum in Uxbridge through Pat Neal our local master Hand weaver.

Q4) What is your favourite technique that you like to share?

I find people appreciate help with pattern drafting, blocking and finishing including cut and sew as well as fairisle. I absolutely love it when people successfully knit with natural fibres for the first time, especially cotton and wool.

Q5) What’s on your needles?

I’m just back from a holiday in Cuba where I was able to focus on chevron patterns. I have 3 tops ready for our sweet Canadian summer and look forward to more colour fun this spring in between working on the garden.