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Sponsor Spotlight – Myrtle Station Wool

This Guild year we will be shining a light on some of our wonderful sponsors! Sponsors offer exclusive deals to Guild Members; for a full list of our sponsors and their discounts, see the LYS page on the Membership Hub. To kick off this new series, we are getting to know Myrtle Station Wool, located in Ashburn, Ontario.

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October – Erlbacher Knitting Machines: Shop Tour and Demos

Erlbacher Knitting MachinesCape Girardeau, Missouri                                      

A Shop Tour and Demos      


  David “PeeWee” Erlbacher was a fourth generation machinist. He started his own machine shop in 1960 making race car parts. As the machining business changed over the years, the parts got larger and larger. Erlbacher Gear and Machine Works is primarily a gear shop, however, with CNC mills and lathes, it has become a full-service precision machine shop. Upon seeing a vintage CSM, PeeWee’s interest was piqued. He knew he would be able to reverse engineer the Gearhart CSM. With the help of other Gearhart mechanics and enthusiasts (and with a lot of thought, headaches, and mistakes) he finally did it. A lifetime in a machine shop and he has said, “The Gearhart CSM has been one of the most difficult things we have ever made in the shop.” This is quite a compliment to the machinists of the original product.

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September – Nunavut Qiviut

This September, we’ll be traveling, virtually, to Kugluktuk, Nunavut north of the Arctic Circle where the cool air of autumn has arrived.  Nunavut Qiviut creates unique luxury yarns from rare and sustainable Arctic fibres such as Qiviut from Muskox and supports the traditional Inuit lifestyle of their community.
Natalie Griller and Geoff Clark have prepared a full overview of Nunavut Qiviut, including the geography, ecosystem and the people of Kugluktuk, community involvement, Muskox and the history of Qiviut, and of course, the yarn and the luxurious products available.  You’ll come away with a great sense of life in Kugluktuk and you’ll certainly enjoy your friendly visit with Natalie & Geoff.

The meeting will be OPEN TO ALL, join as an attendee via the link below:


password: tkg0915