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My Favourite Things

At the October Guild meeting, Pat presented a beautiful scarf she had knitted, and shared the pattern designer’s tragic and impassioned story. Please find Pat’s description of her project below.

“I started knitting this scarf in January of 2016, following Jill McGee’s free basic recipe – “My Favourite Things Infinity Scarf.”  When I checked the website in the fall of 2016, looking for new charts, I saw that Jill had posted another scarf of her own, this one called “Remembering Jude, Stitch by Stitch”.  And I read the sad news that her son Jude had died of the flu. Two years, three months and 20 days old. Learn more about her advocacy for flu vaccinations at www.forjudeforeveryone.com. Please get your flu shot.  You may save a child’s life. Maybe the child of a knitter you don’t even know.”



Disclaimer: The Toronto Knitters Guild does provide or endorse any type of medical advice; please consult your doctor if you have questions about the flu shot.

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Guild Constitution and Bylaws

Toronto Knitters Guild Constitution

We have drafted a constitution for the guild, and now it is time for our members to review it. You will be asked to ratify the constitution at the January 17 meeting, following the guidelines set out in Article 7.

Constitution and Bylaws

Thank you to members Janet Deline and Dale Hendry for their time and assistance with drafting and fine-tuning the Constitution.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Carol Mather Miles or any Board member in writing.